Sunday, June 08, 2008

Let The Campaigning Begin

Now that both party's Presidential nominees have been identified, the real campaigning can begin. I fully expect to be deluged by campaign information from now until November. Of course, I will be following issues that affect my personal finances, e.g. tax policy, new programs or entitlements. I also will want to hear what will be stopped create funds for the changes in spending. Thus, the congressional elections will be of interest, since Congress is where spending is determined.

In addition, I will be very interested in the local tax levies, since I expect a higher number than normal to be on the ballot. In our 2008 primary, levy supporters benefited from the higher than normal electorate turnout and passed some levies that had previously failed.

No matter who is elected, I believe that tax rates will increase and the economy will worsen. Hopefully, I will hear some good, sound ideas from the candidates on how they might "change" this situation.

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