Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Vacation

Our daughter is having her first summer vacation from school. Last month, she completed her final days in 3 year old pre-school. Only 15 more years to go:-) While her teacher mentioned some kids get confused, she has taken it pretty well, partly because she had attended 2 year old pre-school/day care. Also, there is almost no break since we have already scheduled several camps for her through July. She has just completed an art camp and a nature camp. In addition, she is still going to birthday parties of her old classmates.

Also, this is my first summer vacation since retiring in my forties in 2007. I am thoroughly enjoying this summer. I am focusing on family activities, getting back into shape, and identifying a dream job. In addition, I will get to take vacations without having to come back to a backlog of e-mail and vacations:-)

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