Friday, June 27, 2008

Test Driving A Maserati

A couple weeks ago, I received an invitation to test drive a Maserati. Normally, a Maserati would not be part of my set of cars under consideration, but I guess that's why "marketing" exists:-) Besides, since I retired in my forties, I have extra time for extracurricular activities like these. Also, a gift certificate for Omaha steaks was offered in return for doing a test drive.

I arranged to do a test drive within a week of receiving the information. For convenience and to save gas, I scheduled the visit around other errands I was doing in the area. Here's what I learned on the test drive of a Quattroporte:
  • Price - The MSRP was about $120,000. I knew the Maseratis were expensive, but didn't realize how high. Of course, this is way outside my price range and made me wonder how I made the list for receiving an invitation.

  • Test drive - I was a bit nervous taking out a car of this value. Fortunately, the dealership had already identified a low traffic country road to use. The car handled very well and I even briefly tested the 400 HP engine when accelerating from a stop.

  • Sales people - They were very courteous even though it was apparent we were not prime candidates. My friend and I showed up in shorts on our way to a golf course. In addition, they knew I was doing the test drive due to a promotion.

  • While I enjoyed the test drive, I won't be buying one in the near future. Although the Quattroporte is a very nice car, $120,000 is still too expensive for me to spend on regular transportation, especially since I prefer to pay cash for our cars.

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