Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'll Be Back

"I'll be back." Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator

In the past few days, I feel that I have been negligent in posting to My Wealth Builder . Although I am no longer trying to post daily, it has been four days since my last post, the longest span since I started the blog. There isn't any one reason for the lack of posting. For now, I think there are a number of distractions that are taking my mind of this blog. However, I expect most of them to be gone by the beginning of summer and, then, I'll be back. While I don't intend these to be excuses, here are a few of the distractions:
  • On boarding for two new part time jobs. As I wrote in I'm On a Roll, I have started two new part time jobs, and have five part time jobs concurrently for the next couple months. Getting trained and learning the two new part time jobs has used up some of the energy I usually devote to My Wealth Builder. I've also had to spend additional time managing my schedule in order to put in minimum hours at each job.

    This distraction will be over in by the end of May, since my training will be complete and two of my seasonal part time jobs complete in mid April and the end of May.

  • NCAA basketball tournament. I have been thoroughly enjoying the 2010 NCAA basketball tournament because of the number of underdog wins. I miss the past when underdogs had a chance to upset the favorites. It seems this year's NCAA tournament has brought back the past.

    Only a single number 1 seed (Duke) made it to the Final Four. Although the big underdogs, such as Cornell (12 seed) and Washington (11 seed), only made it to third round it was still fun to watch. This distraction will be over on April 6. 2009.

  • Spring activities. With the coming of warmer weather, it's easy to be distracted by opportunities during nice days, including gardening, sports, and the outdoors. It's hard to sit down at the computer and write when great outdoor activities are an alternative :-)

    This is currently my toughest distraction, especially since I am working more hours this spring than in the past. However, once a couple of my jobs end, I will have more than enough hours to enjoy the outdoors and post to this blog.
  • For the next month, my posting will continue to be sporadic with occasional gaps of four to five days. By the end of May, however, I expect to be back to a high frequency of posting since I will have fewer hours committed to part time work.

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