Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Checking Part-Time Work Pay Stubs

After working in a salaried position for many years, I was used to having exactly same the paycheck every month.   Since taking early retirement in 2007, I've been working in part time jobs, which pay on an hourly basis for varying schedules.  Since my first part time job used a computerized time sheet. I didn't worry much about the accuracy of my paychecks.    However, subsequent part-time jobs used paper time sheets, which are manually entered.   Two of the jobs have consistently paid accurately for hours worked.   However, one of the jobs shorted me both for hours and pay rate, in my first two paychecks..  
Although it was corrected quickly, the error in pay in one job has caused me to be concerned about the accuracy of pay for all my part time jobs.  For now, I've decided to rigorously track submitted hours versus paid hours in each part time jobs.  So far, it appears the first and only error was due to a new employee at the payroll firm.   There has not been another error.  However, I think I will continue to confirm paycheck accuracy for the next six months in all my part time jobs.
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