Sunday, May 16, 2010

Signs of a Short Layoff

Someone I know, who was unexpectedly laid off in April, landed a job in about a month, in the same field and for the same pay. Based on what I heard about the job search, I expected him to be very marketable. However, even I was pleasantly surprised about how fast he was successful. Here are some of the signs that the layoff would be short:

  • Good opportunities with relocation. The recruiter commented that there was a 100% chance of a job offer by moving to certain regions. The person didn't want to relocate, but it was a good backup option.

  • An interview within two weeks. I know people who have made hundreds of inquiries and waited months, without getting an interview. Not only did he get an interview, he received two, and both are within commuting distance.
  • Another reason is his profession is in a field that has strong demand in a few industries. While his previous company was struggling, there are others that are growing even in the slow economic recovery.

    Overall, it is good to see some people rebounding quickly from a job loss.

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