Monday, August 02, 2010

Faith in our Long Term Future

Now that we've created stability for funds we need in the short term, we are moving our longer term retirement savings back into the stock market. Overall, I still believe it is right to have faith in the historical long term returns of the stock market.

The private sector is a resilient group, especially those with a significant global presence, and it will come out of this recession stronger than ever. The earnings reports last quarter are supporting this point, with some companies having their best quarter ever. The only missing component is jobs growth, which will come once companies believe the economic recovery is sustainable. I believe that confidence will come in the next year, as record profits continue to be delivered.

In anticipation of a bull market resuming, I have started using the Modified Unemotional Growth Investor system again, which was used to create the Q1 2007 stock pick list post. I found the system to be most successful in an advancing market, which I expect to see soon again.

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