Friday, August 20, 2010

Retirees are Cutting Back on Spending

10 Things Retirees Are Doing Without by Emily Brandon of U.S. News & World Report reports on ten ways in which retirees are spending less on average. The list includes:
  1. Eating at home more.
  2. Lowering thermostat settings in winter.
  3. Buying fewer new clothes.
  4. Using the library more.
  5. Using coupons and waiting for sales.
  6. Doing own repairs and maintenance.
  7. Reducing debt.
  8. Eliminating vehicles.
  9. Downsizing home.
  10. Reducing ambitious travel plans.
In our case, we were already doing the first seven before retiring and continued doing so in retirement. Where we differ is in the last three categories. For #8, we continue to have two cars and will keep them until a replacement is need. At that time, a single car may be an option we consider. For #9, we plan to live in our current home for at least 15 years which is when our daughter will graduate from high school. Finally, we are considering doing more traveling because we realize life's short and getting shorter.

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1 comment:

Cheap Loans said...

Hi. I was looking through the list; I'm not of retirement age, but I do some of these anyway. I hardly eat out anymore - maybe once every 3 months or so. Since I live on my own, I don't see the point in leaving the heating on throughout the house, so I wear a thick sweater and socks and wrap a blanket around me. I obviously switch on the heater if it's unbearably cold, though.

I love vintage clothes and going to jumble sales and charity shops! - always have, so I don't really spend that much on clothes.

Looking forward to the next installment.