Thursday, October 20, 2011

Choosing a Career in First Grade

In my daughter's first grade class, one of the activities is for students to tell what they'd like to be when they grow up.  There were some great standard answers: doctor, vet, and astronaut.  There were some cool answers like a dirt bike rider.  There was some really cool answers like a pirate.

I really like the pirate choice.  First, I think kids shouldn't be too serious about careers as such a young age.  Second, I think being a pirate can have a number of financial benefits.   Here are a few:
  • No college education needed.  Think of the money the parents will save.  After high school, or even earlier, the child can start his career.  Name one pirate that has a college degree:-)

  • Free travel.  Pirates spend most of their time in international waters going from port to port. A pirate probably gets to visit a lot of different countries.

  • No taxes.  A pirate gets to keep all of their money since pirates probably don't file a tax return.  If  a tax return was filed, he could put "pirate" down as his occupation.

  • Of course, I'd be worried if this had been a high school class.  But I think first graders should still have the latitude to be what ever they want to imagine themselves doing.  The real world will catch up soon enough :-)

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