Sunday, October 02, 2011

The New Obama

While I don't agree with his position, I applaud President Obama for finally taking a clear side on a political issue.  Up until now, President Obama has been trying to leverage his ability (the Gift, subscription may be required) to have all listeners believe the President agreed with them.   I recall having a discussion with a colleague in 2008 before the election.   She was voting for Obama because she felt he represented all her views. 
So I asked, " Is Obama for or against nuclear power?"
She answered, "Against, because he said he would only support nuclear power if it were safe."
To prove my point, I said,  "Well, I think he supports nuclear power because I think its safe."
Her jaw dropped, either because she understood my point, or thought I was stupid for believing nuclear power was safe.
I'm glad that President Obama is finally making it clear what he specifically wants to do instead of letting people think he always agrees with them.  Thank you Mr. President.
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