Thursday, October 13, 2011

Strategy Tips for Taking the ACT Test

Since 2010, I've been tutoring students to prepare for the ACT college entrance exam.   I've been able to help many students increase their test scores.   Here are my top three tips:

  • Review content.    Know what is going to be tested.  Study and practice topics which are no longer familiar.  For example, English grammar is a lost skill in today's world of texting and acronym usage.   Relearning English grammar rules is often an important activity to prepare for the ACT.

  • Do the easier problems first.   All that matters is the number of problems answered correctly.  There is no bonus for getting the harder problems.  Since there is a time limit, doing the easier problems first usually ensures more right answers.

  • Guess. In the ACT, there is no penalty for an incorrect answer.   Guess, rather than leave an answer blank.   There is a 25% of getting a correct answer.  If some choices can be eliminated, the probability can be a high as 50%.

  • Through these strategies, I have helped students improve about 3 points.  In some cases, students have increased their score by as much as 9 points.

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