Monday, November 07, 2011

A Strategy for a Successful Business

During my working days, I read about how companies such as Ford and McDonald's became great.  I noticed there was a pattern to how these companies became extremely successful.  Here is my summary:
  • Start with a great product.  Great means that it has broad appeal to consumers: right product and right price. 

  • Systematize production. Develop a process or system that enables repeatability of production or service.  Thus, consumers get the same great product or service every time.

  • Make the process scalable.  Enable the fast growth of the business through fast sales growth.

  • Expand.    This is the toughest and the most intensive part.    This involves doing the work to build the capability for fast growth:  facilities, employees, knowledge transfer and finances.
  • Many startups do well with great products.   To me, many busoness failures happen at the second and third steps which then prevents or leads to a poor expansion.  Both Ford and McDonald's were able to make it through all four steps and become tremendous business successes.
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