Thursday, October 04, 2012

The New Addiction

When I was a child, my parents cautioned me against ever taking drugs that could lead to addiction.  This was during the 60s, when there was concern about LSD, marijuana and other narcotics.   I still worry but about narcotic drugs as a potential addiction.   However, there is a new addiction that concerns me just as much: mobile device addiction.

Recently, CNBC estimated Half of U.S. Adults Now Own Tablet or Smartphone  according to a survey of 9513 adults.  Based on my experience, there are also children with smart mobile devices such as the IPod Touch.
I amazed at the extraordinary amounts of time attached and interacting with smart mobile devices: messaging, searching, games, apps, etc.

A long time ago, I decided not to install games on my computer because I knew I would spend too much time playing them since I loved to play video games.  My new concern is for our daughter.  I already see some of her friends constantly near their IPod Touch.   I definitely don't want her addicted to this smart mobile device.

Here's what we've done so far:
  1. Limit use of the IPod Touch.   First she must complete her other responsibilities, e.g. homework, cleaning up after dinner, before using the device.  Second, she only can use it for a limited time.   The exception to this rule is when we're travelling.  Then she is allowed to use the device during the entire time in the car.
  2. Password protected by parents.  To prevent use outside of the acceptable times, the IPod Touch has a parental password protection. 
At this point, our daughter has accepted the limitations without too much resistance.  Hopefully, this will enable us to avoid a future addict to smart mobile devices.

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