Saturday, June 29, 2013

Project Backlog Creating Clutter

 One of my bad habits is starting do-it-yourself repair projects but not completing them.  I'll get all the materials that are needed and put them aside for another time to the project.   However, unless the project has a pressing issue, I sometimes won't get back to the project for months or, in some cases, years.  In the meantime, the project materials are stored in the garage or basement.

I guess the excitement of starting a new project is greater than the satisfaction of finishing an existing project.  Unfortunately, my avoidance of completing projects is creating clutter in our house.   To reduce the clutter, I need to start finishing existing projects.  

First, I will take on no new discretionary projects, i.e. ones that don't need immediate attention.  That way, I won't be adding any more materials to storage.  Second, I will finish at least one project a week.  That should eliminate one item from storage each week.

With this approach, I hope to reduce my project backlog and eliminate some clutter since I have at least thirty project in backlog.

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