Monday, June 17, 2013

Trading the Fed

This week, traders will be looking to the Fed comments on tapering QE to set the direction of the market.  I expect a negative market reaction either prior to the FOMC Wednesday comments, after the FOMC comments or both.  I plan to use any market dip as a opportunity to buy more ETFs in our ETF investment strategy.

At this point, I am less confident that the long awaited correction is over.   So I want to be prepared should the stock market continue the decline that was started last week.

Monday 6/17 - Dow closed up 109 after being up over 191 mid-day.  No purchases made.
Tuesday 6/18 - Dow close up 138.  No purchases made.
Wednesday 6/19 - Dow down 206 after FOMC press conference.  Bought more ETFs.
Thursday 6/20 - Dow down  354.  Bought more ETFs,
 Friday 6/21  - Dow up 41.  Bought some ETFs when Dow was down intraday.  Decided to invest some funds in a managed account.

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