Sunday, September 10, 2006

Getting Motivated To Save

Saving is tough to do. Getting rewarded is energizing. Here are the top five rewards that keep me motivated:

  1. Always having the money for what I need. Vacation, gifts, new toys, or emergencies …, I never have to worry about whether I have the money. It’s just a matter of determining if I really need it.
  2. Only paying once for something. I like to buy something and be done with it. If I use debt to buy something, I will continue paying for it, sometimes even after it is gone. Debt is the gift that keeps on taking.
  3. Never paying a premium for something. How many of us routinely offer to pay 8-15% more than the price of an item? None. Yet, that is exactly what we do when we use credit card debt to buy. I prefer to get a discount versus paying a premium.
  4. Stress free personal finances. I don’t like worrying about transferring credit card debt, whether I have enough money for an emergency expense or wondering if my check will clear. As I learned in Australia, “No worries.”
  5. Retiring on my own terms. I’d like to retire well before 65 to enjoy more sunsets, family activities and learning opportunities without the pressure of wondering if I have enough money.

This is not financial or saving advice. Please consult a professional advisor.

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