Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wii Sports: Appeal and Risk To Older Players

Since its introduction, the Wii has much broader appeal than just to the young male gamer. This Chicago Tribune article shares that the Wii is attracting older players, even those in retirement homes. The active use of the Wii controller, versus thumb controls, has provided a new outlet for physical activity and participation across generations. The increased appeal has been positive since the Wii is providing physical activity for participants.

On the other hand, the Wii may be providing too much activity for those not accustomed to a wide range of physical motions. Recently, one of the members of our tennis league dropped out for a season, due to an injury from Wii boxing. Apparently, the intensity of Wii boxing caused a shoulder injury and has prevented him from playing tennis this year.

The Wall Street Journal acknowledged the potential injury issues in an article A Wii Workout: When Video Games Hurt. There is even a collection of anecdotal incidents posted on this blog, where the majority of injuries I saw resulted from striking low ceilings or each other.

Overall, the articles recognize the benefits of additional physical activity from playing games on the Wii. Perhaps older players also should take the caution to Bii Careful :-)

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