Saturday, March 01, 2008

2008 New Year's Resolution Report Card

My New Year's resolutions for 2008 were: 1) Healthier lifestyle; 2) Implement tax strategies to maximize after tax income; 3) Contingency plans for near term retirement income needs; and 4) Have fun. Here is a two month check on how well I am doing:

New Year's Resolution Activities and Status
CategoryCategory ActivitiesActivity StatusGrade
Healthier LifestyleLose 10% of weight Lost 2% in January. Gained 2% in February. No net weight change.


Better dietUp to 3 servings per day of vegetables and fruit versus target of 5.


More exerciseAt 1.5 times per week versus target of 3


Tax StrategiesIdentify five strategies to minimize taxesWill use IRA contribution, Child tax credit, and Roth IRA conversion in 2008. Two more need.


Contingency incomeEarn 20-40% of retirement income needs in first 3 yearsAchieved 20% in 2008. Part time seasonal work was not as useful or accomodating as I had hoped. Will be testing a new business idea later this year.


Have FunFamily activities and vacationsAttending 100% of daughter's pre-school activities. Planning 2008 and 2009 vacations.


HobbiesPlaying tennis and may take up golf again. May also learn magic :-)


Overall, my report card is not as good I as I would like. And I no longer have any excuses like work being a barrier:-) It was good to do a two month check. It will enable me to make some changes and get better results next time.

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