Saturday, January 17, 2009

Organic Food Marketing

My spouse is a proponent of healthy eating. She makes most of our meals from scratch, when possible, using organically produced fresh vegetables and low fat organic options of meats and milk. Our belief is that healthy eating begins with real food and is helped by avoiding pesticides, anti-biotics and growth hormones.

I expect I may now live 20 years longer, since I usually didn't make healthy food choices prior to being married. Before, I would eat high carbohydrate processed foods, e.g. breads, chips, pizzas, etc., and higher fat meats such a bacon, or 85% hamburger.

However, even though I have no training in food science , I realize that healthy eating starts with good food choices, with the organic option being next. Therefore, I get a chuckle when I see foods which I wouldn't consider healthy for me displaying an organic designation.

Here are some interesting organic products which I have recently seen when shopping:
  • Organic toaster pastries. Ok, I guess if I were eating toaster pastries I would want them to be organic. However, I don't think toaster pastries meet my healthy criteria of fresh unprocessed food. Therefore, being organic wouldn't give me an incentive to consider them.
  • Organic candy canes. These were a seasonal offering. However, since I eat candy canes infrequently, I'm not too worried about whether they are organic or not.
  • What will marketers think of next -- organic chips and crackers, organic soft drinks or organic candy? When this happens, I'll probably be chuckling the entire time I shop for food.

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    1 comment:

    Anonymous said...

    Organic food can be a total rip off, if you're not careful.
    I've taken the plunge and now only eat whole organic foods when I can - no processed food.
    Have you tried Raw food?
    It seems to be all the rage.
    There's a restaurant in Vancouver where I go for lunch and everything is raw and organic. Delicious!