Thursday, September 03, 2009

Need Replacement Parts

After getting a couple cavities within a year, I asked my dentist if I needed to change anything. New toothpaste, more flossing, or more checkups? He laughed and said that it was just a sign of aging, my parts were just getting worn out.

Another major change that I've noticed from getting older is the longer recovery times from injury. As a kid, I remember only take a few days, perhaps a week maximum, to recover from most injuries. Nowadays, it seems injuries linger for weeks, even months, before getting better.

In addition, I now seem to get injuries from doing regular activities. Last week, my knee hurt a little bit after jogging for a couple miles. Then I played tennis and aggravated the injury. After doing essentially nothing for a week, I think I'm well enough to try playing tennis again. We'll see how I feel after playing tonight.

On the other hand, our daughter, who will soon be five, bounces back up after falling off a swing and shows no sign of a fall the next day. How I wish I were still that resilient. It's too bad body parts can't be replaced with better elements as I get older :-)

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