Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Wealth Builder Carnival #91

Welcome to the ninety-first edition of The Wealth Builder Carnival. The purpose of this carnival is to collect articles from the blogosphere on building, preserving and keeping enough wealth for a comfortable retirement. For reference, I have tried to keep the carnival content tightly focused on wealth building and did not include submissions that were off topic. For reading convenience, the posts are listed with a brief summary or comment by the submitter and organized into seven categories: Earning, Insuring and Protecting, Investing, Living Frugally, Retiring, Saving and Taxes.

And now on to the Carnival.


Super Saver presents Escape Velocity Aids Wealth Builder posted at My Wealth Builder, saying, "Significantly growing earnings is an important element of wealth building."

Insuring and Protecting

Wallet Hub presents How to Manage Your Financial Records posted at Wallet Hub, saying, "We've all heard the phrase 'Get your financial house in order.' Well, it might be a good idea to start with cleaning up your documents. This minor physical action will make a huge difference in handling the intangible details of financial management."


Vytas presents 5 more key investment tips posted at Trend, saying, "I firmly believe that most rules of trading that are good for one financial market will also be good for all the rest. I came to this conclusion by watching various markets. Securities are securities and people are people! And when people go to securities you will notice the same price patterns, because people are the same and their expectations, fears and greed are reflected in any market. Check what the tips are."

Dividends4Life presents These Two Companies Are Shoving Mountains Of Cash To Their Shareholders posted at Dividend Growth Stocks, saying, "Some companies want to give their shareholders something special. When you have a mountain of cash sitting on your balance sheet you can make your shareholders really happy by sharing the wealth in the form of special dividend, and that's what these two companies decided to do this week..."

Living Frugally

thethriftywife presents Saving Money on Food Amongst the Rising Food Costs posted at The Thrifty Wife, saying, "How to cut food costs."

Theresa Torres presents Guest Post: 6 Tips for Buying Bulk Groceries at Costco posted at Addicted To Costco!, saying, "Buying in bulk when done properly and planned carefully can give a family big savings. Here are some good ideas to guide you in your next grocery shopping trip."


Kristine McKinley presents Social Security’s Gift to Married Couples: The Spousal Benefit posted at Social Security Retirement Income, saying, "With Social Security making up approximately 40% of the average American’s retirement income, it’s important to maximize your lifetime benefits not only for yourself, but for your spouse also. The rules surrounding spousal benefits are very complicated. Making a wrong decision could mean a lower standard of living and could increase the chance that you will outlive your money."


John K presents Is Mortgage Tax Relief On Its Way Out? posted at Wallet Blog, saying, "The mortgage forgiveness tax break is set to expire at the end of this year. Will this law that offers some relief for those unable to make payments or in possession of a property with diminished value be extended?"

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The Wealth Builder Carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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