Saturday, November 04, 2017

Still All Clear for a Market Top

Previously, I posted about my three signals for a market top: 1) Bears capitulating; 2) Beaten down stocks reach 52 week highs; 3) Oil reaches $100/barrel.      First oil is still at about $55/barrel, second stocks such are Under Armour, GE,  and JC Penney are hitting new 52 week lows; and third bears are discouraged, but still bearish.

However, I am still a bit cautious and selling some of my winners to take profits.  In addition, I am shifting my equity weights towards REITs (for guaranteed income), and  international (for higher relative returns).  At this point, I don't think there will be a severe correction or crash will occur in U.S. markets.  Rather international markets will outperform the U.S. and so I am shifting my weightings toward those markets.

Disclosure:  At the time of this post, we owned shares of Under Armour, JC Penney, and GE... unfortunately.

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