Saturday, March 03, 2018

Taking Advantage of Volatility

"The sky is falling!" ~ Chicken Little

For me, the volatility of the past month has enable us to buy into market index ETFs and REITs at lower (a.k.a discount) prices.   I've been scaling in by purchasing small lots of ETFs and REITs on my buy since.   There is no cost to do this since one brokerage we use has given us 100 free trades a month, we don't pay any commission on our small lot trades.

At this point, I feel the market correction is similar to the taper tantrum in May 2013 when then Fed Chair Ben Bernanke talked about raising rates.  The market reacted negatively, but soon recovered.   Fed Chair Jerome Powell and President Trump seem to have also talked down the market with their points of view on interest rates and trade tariffs. 

So I am cautiously optimistic and buying on the dips.  If the market should reach new highs, I will also sell into the new rally.  Hopefully, that is the outcome that will occur.

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