Monday, July 23, 2018

Scaling Into a Trending Up Market

Over the next few weeks, I plan to scale in the remaining additional funds into our different investment strategies.   Since the end of January 2018, I've been scaling into the dip.   In most cases, this has been a profitable approach.   Although I started purchases at higher levels, I have also made several purchases, hopefully, near the bottom.   In many cases, the short term bottom has already happened.  In a small percentage of stocks/strategies, the price/valuation is still finding the bottom.

At this point, I believe the correction is over and the market may soon cross new highs.  Rather than wait for the next correction, I plan to invest the remaining funds as the market advances.   However, I will do this by scaling in (buying small lots over time), just in case the market pulls back before making its next advance.

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