Monday, June 17, 2019

How I Will Invest in Real Estate

I've own investment real estate three different ways:

  • Direct ownership - I am the only owner.
  • Partnership -  I am a partner in a general partnership
  • Public REIT - I am the owner of publicly traded stock.
Based on my experience, going forward, I will only invest in public REITs.   I am currently trying to sell the investment land that I directly own.    I'm learning that a real estate partnership has lots of complexities, with which I don't won't to deal with as I get older.

There's a 5% chance that I will sell the land this year.  It is under contract, but the Buyer has enough contingencies to exit the deal.   The general partnership is doing well, except for 60% of the partners have no interest in participating in the business operations.   

I've been lucky for all the real estate investments, since all are profitable.  However, I want to simply our investments as I get older, so I will be sticking with REITs and trying to exit from the rest.

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