Sunday, September 16, 2007

Insurance Update Saves Money

As matter of practice, I review my insurance policies periodically to make sure I am properly insured or not overpaying for unnecessary coverage. I check our home owners, auto, and umbrella policies for any changes in situation or revisions we may want to make to our coverage or deductibles. In some cases the change results in lower premiums, and in other cases it increases our premiums.

Next month, I'll start driving much less than I currently do. So I checked with my insurance agent if it would have any affect on our automobile insurance premiums. It turns out the my mileage change crosses a mileage threshold and my truck insurance premium will go down about 5%. What a deal, I reduce my time in rush hour traffic and my insurance premium is cheaper.

At this time, we won't be making any other changes to our policies. Our cars still have sufficient value to maintain collision coverage and collision and comprehensive deductibles are already reasonable for the cost.

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Photo Credit:, Donny Harder, Jr.

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