Monday, March 21, 2011

Making an Employment Decision Regularly

"I work as if my employer decides whether to hire me every two weeks." ~ Research Fellow at my company.

I remember hearing this comment in the early days of my career and dismissing the idea. I thought that re-hiring every two weeks would to be too much stress. I preferred to work so that my employer wouldn't have a reason to fire me every two weeks. Sure, I did excellent work, but I didn't consistently push the envelope of my capabilities and contributions.

Now that I'm retired and working in part time jobs, I understand better what the quote means. I enjoy offering my best efforts, knowing that my supervisor or the company isn't required to hire me again the following year. I know what my skills and strengths are. If they aren't appreciated in my part time job, I definitely want to move on to something else.

Similarly, if I am unimpressed with my employer, I won't bother to reapply the following year. After all, making an employment decision should happen on both sides :-)

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