Friday, March 18, 2011

Retirement and Divorce

During my career, I saw an increased frequency of divorce or separation as men got closer to retirement age. This has happened to several acquaintances, who had no idea it was coming. In one case, the husband went to work as usual and later was served divorce papers via the receptionists.

In most cases, I only knew the men. They were the classic successful workaholics. I suspected that the husband and wife had drifted apart. Without children keeping them together, it was easier to separate. Since my company splits the employee's retirement funds for divorces, it was also financial easier separate.

In two cases, I was friends with both the husband and wife. To me, both couples seemed to have a perfect marriage, even though both husbands were dedicated to their careers. In both cases, the wife initiated the separation and there was no relationship indiscretions by the husband. I and other friends were shocked that both couples separated.

Unfortunately, I don't have any great insights on what happened. The men that I knew well were usually baffled. For the two couples that I knew, the women didn't know my spouse or I well enough to confide in us. So I guess the reason for the marriage breakups will continue to be a mystery to me.

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