Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's a New Beginning

In October 2007, the economy and stock market was doing great.   Early retirement seemed like a great idea.  Analyses of various scenarios showed that retiring early was unlikely to be a failure.

Now, three and a half years later, the world is very different from my expectations of late 2007.  The economy went into a great recession and the stock market crashed concurrently with significant declines in house prices.  My retirement and savings accounts were reduced by 40% before recovering to being down  about 25%.

Needless to say, early retirement for me has been a bumpy road :-)

So here's my new financial scenario for retirement:

  • Low investment returns returns.  Instead of 6-7% annualized returns, I'm counting on (hoping for:-) 3-4% returns.  Gone are the days of 8-10% returns that fueled retirement accounts over the past 20 years,

  • Lower Social Security and Medicare benefits.  Currently, I am not eligible for Social Security or Medicare and my age is in  the gray zone where benefits may or may not be reduced.  With the current state of the deficit, I expect my benefits will likely be lowered.

  • No returns from  housing.  I am planning on little to no gain from the home we own.  In fact, I hope it's worth more that we paid for it when we sell in 15 years :-)

  • Retirement in the next 15 years won't likely be as "easy" as retirement was in the 15 years prior to the Great Recession. The past three years have been a difficult lesson in retirement economics.  We've adjusted our retirement plans significantly and in 2013, we'll learn if the right adjustments were made.

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