Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Perfect Retirement Job

Based on the part time jobs done in retirement, I've identified the following elements as being important for my perfect retirement job:

  • Seasonal.  I like jobs that last a maximum of a few months, end and then start up again.   Usually, after a few  months, I need a break from the job. However, after a break, I am ready to do the job again.  

  • Flexible part time hours. I like to be able to schedule hours that are convenient for me.  The part time jobs that I have kept all allow me to choose my work hours.

  • Working with clients.  I enjoy working directly clients who need my expert services.  I enjoy seeing satisfied clients who get immediate positive benefits from working with me.

  • Good pay.   I target for pay rates in the $10-$20/hour range. I won't work as a contractor, which would require me to pay self employment taxes.  I only will accept pay as W-2 wages, since the employer pays FICA and Medicare taxes.

  • So far, I've found two jobs that meet these criteria:  teaching enrichment classes, and seasonal tax preparation.  A third job, tutoring for college entrance exams (SAT/ACT), is not seasonal but meets the other criteria.

    I look forward to working only these jobs again, when I go back into retirement again later this year :-)

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