Sunday, July 22, 2012

Being More Retired

Regular readers may have noticed that postings for July 2012 have gone down significantly.  As of today, I'm averaging posting about once every three days versus a typical average of once per day.   The main reason is that I've been putting more effort into my retirement to do list and 2012 financial projects.   In addition, I've working on improving skills in two sports.

These activities have been taking up a lot of mind space, even more than the temporary full time job that I did in 2011.  Some of the activities have potential for significant financial returns.  So I've been cutting back blogging a bit to enable more mental effort in the the other activities. 

The posting slow down will likely last through the summer.  I will continue to publish The Wealth Builder Carnival, when Blog Carnival is operational.  Otherwise, future posts will be sporadic, unless there is a major event worth sharing.
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