Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Perhaps a Buying Opportunity...At Last

It looks like I may finally get the extended buying opportunity I have been patiently waiting for since June 2011.  I missed the last major buying opportunity in October 2011 and the recent short buying opportunity in early June 2012. 

The S&P and Dow indices have fallen four days in a row.  The economic indicators are becoming weaker.  The early earnings reports and forward guidance have been disappointing.  Europe continues to show no resolution for the sovereign debt issue.

 The stock market may finally start fully reflecting the magnitude of the financial issues, which would create a buying opportunity for the abundance of cash on the sidelines.

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Financial Independence said...

I manage to snatch some of the shares and ETF end of May and they are currently up 4.7%
Which I am quite please with. Hopefully another opportunity presents itself and I will be able to take on some more.

Have you already ear marked particular equities you want to buy?

Super Saver said...

Congratulations on your great timing. I missed it because I believed the market would continue to decline. So I continued to be long-short. The longs I purchased in early June did well, but the shorts rose even more and I had a loss.

I am building my list of stocks to buy and short. I've already purchased a couple longs but will hold back buying more until further decline.