Sunday, July 29, 2012

Voting for Change

"Get to work Mr. Chairman." ~ Senator Charles Schumer to Fed Chair Ben Bernanke

Before giving that directive to the Fed Chair, Mr. Schumer admitted that Congress wasn't going to do its job, which is why he was relying on Mr. Bernanke to "get to work." Personally, I'm disappointed in Mr. Schumer's perspective, since he is paid $174,000 per year with great health care and retirement benefits.

My solution will be to "fire" all incumbents.  The problem is that no one in Congress, nor the President, is interested in the doing the tough work needed.  This November, I will NOT vote for any incumbent.  It's time to give other people a chance to do the tough work needed.

Definitely, change I can believe in :-)

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Brent said...

Couldn't agree more. I was appalled when I heard Mr. Schumer's remark. To many people in government think of themselves as royalty -- they want all the status and perks, none of the responsibility.

Unfortunately, about %0.001 of the population probably know that senators are saying things like what Mr. Schumer said so they have no idea just how incompetent our public servants really are. Easy for me to not vote for the incumbent, but actually voting the incumbent out is not so easy.