Monday, July 16, 2012

Work on One or Two Important Factors

Too often, I work on too many elements when trying to improve myself.

In my mission to upgrade my childhood sports skills, I noticed that there has been significant improvement in tennis and golf by working on only two factors:  proper grip and swinging with my hips. For golf, I now hit the ball straight about 80% of the time.  In tennis, my consistency in putting hard hits in play has improved significantly.  By focusing on only grip and swinging with my hips, my play in both sports has seemingly become better automatically, i.e. I don't consciously think about it.

The principle of working on only one or two important factors also applies to personal finance for me.   Before retiring, I worked focused on two things: qualifying for the higher pay each year and saving a 10-20% of my paycheck.   In the years I worked on these two elements, our financial situation improved significantly each year. 

Of course, identifying the right factors can be challenging since the factors may be different by individual and YMMV.   However, as I have learned again in my sports experience, focusing on the right one or two factors can be very rewarding.

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This is not financial advice. Please consult a professional advisor.

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