Sunday, January 20, 2013

Free Prescription Drugs

Recently, my doctor gave me a prescription for a statin and mentioned that Meijer offered the generic at zero out of pocket cost.  Since I was going to my usual pharmacy, I decided to just fill the prescription there.  The cost was a little over $7 for my co-pay.   Since I will need to take the drug on a regular basis, I have decided to switch this prescription to Meijer.  I did call my pharmacy to ask if they would match the cost, but they declined, offering only a bonus for switching prescriptions in.

By the way, Meijer also has a free prescription program for antibiotics and pre-natal vitamins.

Free prescriptions must be picked up in the store.  So I guess free prescriptions is a marketing program to get people into the store and buy other things.   It's going to work for me.

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