Friday, January 18, 2013

Social Security - Earlier or Later?

Although I won't be eligible for Social Security for several more years, I've been evaluating whether to take a reduced benefit earlier or a higher benefit later. I've estimated my break even age to be 78, i.e. I will get more money taking benefits at 62 if I die before 78 and more money taking benefits at 70-1/2 if I die after 78.

My base assumption (worry:-) has been to plan financially for living into my nineties since my dad died of pneumonia (special cause) at 79 and my mom died at 85.  I thought living passed 78 was highly likely.  So I was strongly considering waiting until 70-1/2.  For reference, my spouse's perspective was for me to take it at 62 since living to 78 wasn't a sure thing

Recently, a change in my health situation has caused me to rethink my assumption.  I'm estimating that the probability of living passed 78 has become more unlikely.    So I've revised my plan to taking Social Security payments beginning at 62. 

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