Friday, January 11, 2013

Social Security - Earnings Discrepancy Not an Error

In August 2012, I reviewed my Social Security earnings statement and thought I found an error. For one year, my earnings for Social Security and Medicare were not the same, even though I was earning below the maximum earnings threshold for Social Security.   The representative said a form would be sent to me so that I could correct the discrepancy.

Since I still had not received the forms,  I called Social Security back again today.   I explained the discrepancy again and the representative put me on hold to research the issue.  After a few minutes, she returned and asked, "Did you ever work for a government agency that did not participate in Social Security?"  Immediately, I remembered that I worked in a part time job for the county that year, and Social Security was not withheld.

I compliment the representative for solving my issue so quickly and asked if there was a survey I could take.   She transfered me to her supervisor, and I told him that she had done a great job.   Of course, he was pleased to hear a compliment, instead of the more frequent complaint.

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