Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Investors Blog Network - Introduction to Members

Having recently joined the Investors Blog Network (IBN), I would like to share more about the seventeen members with readers of My Wealth Builder. For each member, I have provided a the blog name, a self-description (if available) of the blog, and a recent stock or stock market related post.

I hope this introduction helps you become more familiar with the members of the Investors Blog Network (IBN). For your convenience, I have listed the IBN members in the Investors Blog Network Blogroll in the right sidebar.

BioHealth Investor

Description: Blog and journal for the latest events in the biotech and healthcare industry.Investments - News - Commentary.

Here's my pick from the last week -IBD Top Ranked Medical Stocks - 2/12/07. Hmm... I may take another look at Immucor, which was almost a buy in my stock picking system.

Dividend Money

Description: Retirement planning using dividend stocks.

My choice from last week is The Best Dividend Stock List, which shares some top dividend paying stocks.

Gannon On Investing

Description: Value investing blog and value investing podcast influenced by Benjamin Graham, Joel Greenblatt, and Warren Buffett's value investing model. Built upon the value investor insights of intrinsic value, margin of safety, competitive advantage, and protection of principal.

My post pick is On Old Posts and A New Year which summarizes his favorite posts and stock picks from 2006.

Generation X Finance

Description: Helping a unique generation achieve financial independence.

My post pick is Weekly Mutual Fund Review - Oakmark Equity & Income Fund, which provides his analysis of the Oakmark Equity & Income Fund.

Investor Trip

Description: Financial talk for global investors on investing, stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, import-export, and alternative investment ideas.

My choice post is Is the Chinese Market Overvalued?,which predicts a forthcoming correction for the Chinese stock market.

Money, Matter, and More Musings

Description: Musings Of A Graduate Student on Money Making, Money Management, Personal Finance, Debt, Credit Cards, Interest Rates, Everything Else That Is Money Related, And Some More.

Golbguru's post Investing for Dummies: The Dart Board Model Portfolio is a humorous article about an often discussed "stock picking" method:-)

My Wealth Builder

Description: Wealth, Riches, Prosperity, and Affluence. Knowing what wealth is (and isn't), getting wealth, and keeping enough wealth for a comfortable retirement.

My pick from last week is Q1 Stock Purchases - Reflections, which shares my stock buys and performance for this quarter.

One Guy's Investments

Description: The story of Travis Johnson's investment portfolio, with analysis and thoughts on the stocks and funds he has considered, bought and sold.

My post pick is Is Akamai Going to Buy ALL of its Competitors? (AKAM) which discusses a stock I was considering at one time.

Online Stock TradingMy pick is Homebuilders Go Plop and FIG Newton Goes Pop which shares last weeks market highlights, particulary the first IPO of a hedge fund, Fortress Investment Group, LLC (FIG).
SciTech Investor

Description: Blog and journal covering the business and financial aspects of science and technology: Stocks - News - Commentary.

The post Wal-Mart, Amazon Movie Download Ventures Will Kill Netflix questions whether Netflix will survive with competition from these formidable companies.

The Bull TraderHere is there list of stocks with bullish trends in Stock Watch Lists.
The Digerati Life

Description: Blogging About Money, Personal Finance, Geeks and Cyberspace… Here In Silicon Valley

My post post pick is Filthy WMT = Poor WMT Stock Performance? which links the decline in store cleanliness with stock performance. This post was highlighted on The Street.com.

The Money Po$t

Description: Examining all aspects of the financial world.

My pick from the blog is Free Investing Classes which shares that Morningstar.com is offering 172 online investing classes for free.

The Money Tortoise

Description: A Slow, Steady, and Successful Approach to Personal Finance

My blog pick is SPIVA-Quarterly Report Care on Passive Vs. Active Investing which confirms once again that few actively managed funds outperform a market index fund.

Trade Radar

Description: Ping The Market! Stock Market Signals and Analysis.

My post pick is Weekly Market Update - Uncertainty Turning to Bearishness?, which says it all.

Volume Spike Investor

Description: Investing in stocks based on short term spikes in volume.

Here is a recent recommendation in Pain Therapeutics Jumps Almost 8% on Higher Volume.

Word On The Street

Description: Chartering the financial seas.

My post pick is Publicly Traded GoFish.com: The Next YouTube

As always, please do your own due diligence or consult with your own financial advisor before making any investments.

For more Ideas You Can Use , check back every Tuesday for a new segment.

This is not financial advice. Please consult a professional advisor.

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Nico said...


thanks for the mentions, great post.

BioHealth Investor.com

Anonymous said...

Super Saver: That's really neat. You inspire me :) Thanks.

makingourway said...

super, what does the investor's blog network do?

Super Saver said...

Making Our Way,

The Investors Blog Network is a network of blogs and online journals dedicated to finance and investments. It is a mix of personal finance and stock investment blogs.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Thanks so much for this. Nice to see who everyone is! :) Lots of effort here!