Thursday, December 27, 2007

Having A Three Year Old Keeps Us Young

Life has changed for us since the arrival of our daughter in our forties. Overall, the changes have been good. One of the benefits is that our daughter is keeping us young, both physically and mentally. Here are some examples:

  • Physical fitness. I constantly joke with friends that we need to have regular physical fitness training to keep up with our three year old. Being physically fit is not an option, it's a requirement:-) The main area of focus is flexibility, for which my spouse and I are doing yoga. We also both do some aerobic exercise (e.g. walking and tennis). I'll also be adding strength exercises (e.g. weight training) in 2008.

    I realized today that my current exercise routine of playing tennis once per week is not enough. A neighbor and I started a tennis drill routine yesterday and my body is pretty sore today, after only a three hour workout.

  • Better diet. Kids should eat an three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit each day. We have to set a good example, with more vegetable and fruit for ourselves.

  • Better sense of humor. We spend a lot more time laughing and playing than before. Daily life is funnier and we take time to play. I estimate I am laughing at least an hour per day.

  • A culture of learning and experiences. We take more effort to create experiences and memories for our family. We go to many more museums, parks, zoos and special events than before. And we spend more time on taking extracurricular educational and activity classes.

    Also nowadays, we don't agonize as much over the cost of attending the attractions. However, when it's cost effective, we do purchase a family membership. We consider membership a good option when venue is close by and the break even cost is between two to four visits.

  • Connection to parents in their twenties and thirties. We are going through many of the same experiences, such a potty training, pre-school, and play groups. It always refreshing to have a connection with younger age groups.

  • I do admit that I am also a bit more tired than before. However, if I can keep this up, I expect that I will gain strength, both mentally and physically:-)

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    Free From Broke said...

    Having kids is great! One big thing it does is it changes your focus. The things you do are no longer for yourself but for your child. For example, you need to stay healthy so you can be there for your child! Another thing that's interesting is on the one hand you have these huge responsibilities in raising a child, on the other hand you get to have fun and act like a total fool making silly sounds and faces with your kids!

    Anonymous said...

    We became parents at age 40, too. While our energy level is much lower now, we're able to enjoy all that parenting entails so much more! Sounds a bit like your experience.

    Initially, I found it a bit isolating to be the older mom in 20-30's crowds. But since we're adoptive parents, we've made friendships with many other adoptive parents - and they tend to be our age.

    Having a child that counts on you serves as a motivation to stay healthy and strong.

    Anonymous said...

    Basically, your life now revolves around your three-year-old. It's actually a little funny and ironic what lessons children sometimes give us grown-ups. They make us realize the more important things in life and remind us that life should also be fun.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm happy to present your post as part of the Happy New Year's Carnival of Family Life which I am hosting 12/31/07 at Mixed! Hope you'll drop by the party and join in the festivities -- we have many wonderful entries this week!