Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Our New Christmas Traditions

Our daughter turned three this year and is now beginning to anticipate annual events. In the weeks leading up to Halloween, she recalled the previous year, her costume and the candy she received. For Christmas this year, we decided to create our own set of family traditions to repeat each year as she grows older. Here are the ones we've started:

  • Christmas stories. We've selected two stories to read during the season: The Night Before Christmas, by Clement C. Moore and illustrated by Niroot Puttapitpat, and Once There Was A Christmas Tree, by Jerry Smath. In the week leading up to Christmas, these are her bedtime stories.

  • Holiday displays. There are several train and lighting displays in the area. This year we visited several of the major ones. I expect we'll be rotating attendance in future years.

  • Treats. We decided to have lemon bars, pecan pie and egg nog as our holiday treats. We also put out a plate of lemon bars and carrots for Santa and his reindeer.

  • Stockings at the fireplace. Many years ago, I bought three Disney themed Christmas stockings in anticipation of our first child. This will be the first year we use all three, in hopes of Santa bringing extra gifts:-)

  • Christmas Eve service. In addition to going to church each week, we are adding Christmas Eve to our attendance. Our church does a special service for children, with the youth group doing a presentation.
  • We hope to continue these and add others, making the event one that is anticipated with delight.

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