Sunday, January 13, 2008

Preparing for Change Has Its Rewards

January's conversion to New Blogger went very well. Much better than I had expected based on issues others had shared.

A month ago, I was extremely worried. Right after I received the notice to change, I tested the My Wealth Builder template on New Blogger and it crashed, due to an XML error. Panic. I believed that my hacks, while acceptable on Blogger, were not sufficiently error free for New Blogger. I spent the next two evenings searching for solutions, ideas, and help. And I found them. First, after more experimentation, I found out that New Blogger allowed reverting to the "classic template," which would accept My Wealth Builder's current format. Now I was feeling better. Second, I found a blog, Beta Blogger for Dummies, that has excellent tips, techniques and hacks for New Blogger. These guys are good! Using their template, I was able to recreate my current three column template in New Blogger.

Success is where preparation meets opportunity. For the past month, I had been preparing for today. Based on migration recommendations by Beta Blogger for Dummies, I backed up the blog template, the blog posts, and created a test template in New Blogger. I even had plans to create a replica of My Wealth Builder if the migration crashed. As it turned out, I didn't need to do use any of the backup plans. So readers got uninterrupted service and will so get a better My Wealth Builder in the future :-)

I'm hoping future changes in my life will go this well :-)

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