Friday, April 11, 2008

No Great Deals For Early Retirees - Yet

I am disappointed that there are no great deals for people that retired early:-) I've found some outstanding senior's discounts, but the benefits start at 60 or older. Since I retired in my forties last year, I guess I will have to wait a while for senior discounts. Here's the best of the one's I've found so far:

Five Ways Going Gray Can Pay by the provided two good ones. Major League Baseball provides discounted tickets for those 60 and older. For example, the Yankees have $5 senior tickets for those over 60. I checked our local team and they provide half price senior tickets for select games. Monarch Mountain in Colorado offers free lift tickets to those 70 and older. Over 250 free season passes and 2,000 free day passes were issued to seniors this winter.

The National Parks and Federal Recreation Land Pass replaces the National Parks Pass and the Golden Age Passport. For those 62 or older, the Senior Lifetime Pass provides lifetime access to the national parks (for up to four adults) versus an $80 Annual Pass the rest of us have to buy.

Most of the rest were 5-15% discounts on various items such meals, hotel rooms, car rentals and cruises. While the discounts were good, I didn't think they were substantial enough to report as a great deal.

While I didn't really expect to get great deals as an early retiree, I will continue to look for the great Senior's deals and add to the above list. It will be one the things I look forward to when I get to those ages :-)

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