Saturday, June 13, 2009

Digital TV Converter Box - Correcting for Missing Channels

In April, 2008, I wrote about how a digital converter box was a cost effective alternative for us. We were able to get all of the digital channels in our area, and the quality of programming was improved, for very little additional cost. In April, 2009, we purchased the second converter box for another TV.

Since adding the converter boxes, we have been very pleased with the reception. Imagine our dismay, when we lost a major station on the date of the digital conversion, June 12, 2009. To correct the issue, we tried all the previous antenna adjustments that we had tried in the past. Nothing worked.

I was pretty sure the issue was fixable, but didn't know what to specifically do. If the problem was widescale, I knew there would already be discussion on the Internet, and I was right. The problem was some stations were changing their digital channel on June 12, 2009, making the previous channel have no broadcast. Thus, the simple solution was to redo an autoscan for digital channels.

The solution worked and everybody is happy once again.

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