Thursday, July 09, 2009

Preparing our Child for Job Market Uncertainty

When I started working in the 1980s, career stability was just starting to change. While I ended up working for a single company my entire career, many of my classmates have worked for five or more companies. In addition, many of the fastest growing jobs, e.g. computer programmer, didn't turn out to be as stable as expected.

Raising Kids to Thrive Amid Chaos in Their Careers by Sue Shellenbarger in The Wall Street Journal discusses three qualities that can help my daughter be successful in the uncertain working world of the future.

  • Adaptability - It's been said that "Change is the only constant." Enabling our daughter to be ready for change will be important. The article shares how teaching children to make choices based options and developing critical thinking skills can help develop this characteristic.

  • Exploration - Be willing to look for and try new things. This skill can be developed by creating a kitchen for the mind that encourages and allows our daughter to easily find new interests.

  • Entrepreneurship - I think this the the toughest one to teach and learn. To me, entrepreneurship is about taking an idea, based on consumer needs, and turning it into a new tangible product that others want.
  • It will be much more challenging world for our daughter that it was for us. While developing these capabilities do not guarantee career success, I expect they will give her advantages that will significantly improve the possibility of being successful.

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