Saturday, April 10, 2010

Am I Smarter than a Census Taker?

Are you smarter than a census taker? on offers a sample 5 question quiz with questions similar to those on the test given to job applicants. I took the test in January, 2009, and have not been offered a job by the Census Bureau yet. Therefore, I thought I'd answer the question posed by CNN: Am I smarter than Census taker?
  • Probably. I only got one wrong out of 28 questions for a 97%, which I think is pretty good. No one received a 100% in my test group of 70-80, and only one other person got one wrong. I doubt all the Census takers scored a 100%.

  • No. I was told that jobs would be offered to the people with the higher scores first. The only person that I know with a Census job scored a 100% on his test. Maybe every Census worker got a 100% on his test :-)

  • Recently, I was contacted by the Census Bureau to confirm I am still interested in a job. I guess that all the people with 100% test scores have already been hired. If I am offered a job, I will probably take it just to meet people who received a 100%:-)

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