Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Treasure Hunt for Silver Coins

A few weeks ago, I started a project with my daughter to find silver coins.  We ordered a box of half dollars (50 rolls worth $500) and began to search through the coins for 1964 or earlier dates (90% silver) or 1965 to 1970 dates (40% silver).  Our first attempt yielded no silver coins.
However, my daughter enjoyed the treasure hunt.  So I ordered another box to inspect again.  Hopefully, we'll find at least one silver coin :-)   Based on a conversation with a coin hunting enthusiast, I may also try dimes and nickels next time. 
We may not find many silver coins, but this is a fun activity to do with my daughter.   Perhaps, I'll even buy a few coin collecting books and we can start putting some of the coins we inspect into a collection.
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1 comment:

Ken said...

I recently went through my old coin collection. I thought for sure I would have many early 60's silver dollars, but most were the early 70's with a few late 60's. Those pre 65 silver dollars aren't easy to find.