Sunday, December 29, 2013

Indefinite Sabbatical

My last day of regular blogging will be December 31, 2014.   After that I will be taking a sabbatical of indefinite length.  My reasons for taking a sabbatical are simple.

 First, other activities are requiring more of my attention.  For example, we adopted another child in 2013, which was a pleasant surprise since we had applied in 2006.   I also have a number of half started home projects I want to complete. In addition, I've figured out that Social Security and Medicare will require preparation on my part even though my participation is over 6 years away.

Second, I want to move to full retirement.  I've stopped working at various part time jobs and, while I have enjoyed blogging, it has become more like a part time job over the years.   So I decided earlier this year to retire from blogging also.

So my plan is to post the final edition of The Wealth Builder Carnival on Tuesday, followed by a final parting post for My Wealth Builder.   After that, I may write an occasional post . . .  or not :-)

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