Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Four Letter Words in Investing

As the market turns down, I expect there will be a lot of four letter words being used.   Here are some of the common ones in investing, in order of desperation:

  • Can't - The price can't go down any further.
  • Want -  I want the price to reach what I paid before I sell.
  • Hope -  I hope the stock gets back to what I paid for it.
  • Pray -  I pray that the stock stops falling and returns to the price I paid.

  • It probably won't be long before these four letter words are being regularly used,

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    Anchit said...

    HI, I have been following this post for few years now. Do you think, there will be more correction?

    Super Saver said...

    At this time, I think there is still more downside risk than upside potential. So I am only trickling a small amount of funds into equities, just in case a significant decline is still ahead.