Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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"Buy when there is blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own." ~ Baron Rothschild

Baron Rothschild was a British nobleman that made a fortune by buying during the panic that followed the battle of  Waterloo against Napoleon.

2016 is looking pretty bloody for the stock market and my blood is part of the mix.  I am buying cautiously at this point, making small purchases of commission free index ETFs and select dividend paying stocks.  I believe there is still more significant downside risk than upside potential and will wait before putting significant funds into equities.

In preparation for the further decline. I am making a mental list of falling stocks that that I'd considering buying at a $1/share price in the near future.  I recall that I had a chance to buy Ford stock at $1/share during the 08/09 crash.  Today, Ford is a $12 stock and paying a $0.60/share dividend.

Perhaps, the upcoming bear market will create similar opportunities with the current batch of falling stock valuations.  One area of consideration is the oil/gas and materials sectors, where stocks that were previously around $50+/share are now in the low single digits.  Another area is biotechs.

Disclosure:   We currently own Ford, which was purchased in the last few months.  We also own several stocks from the oil/gas, materials and biotech sectors that have fallen to the low single digits.

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