Friday, July 14, 2017

Procrastination Pays Off

For years, I've been considering adding a few more large stepping rocks to widen a path through our back yard wooded area.   But I never got around to it.

This spring, we decided to get rid of all the ivy in our wooded area, which I did over 6 weeks, a 5X5  square foot patch at a time.  To my surprise, I found 40-50 rocks that were 50-150 pounds in a few ivy patches.   Some were covered by years of dirt under the ivy. About half of them were the right dimension for stepping stones.  So I recycled them to the path.    Also created a couple of new paths.

So these rocks would have cost me $15 to $40 each, but I got them for a few hours of digging (and free exercise hauling stones).   Fortunately, I'm a retired guy and my time is cheap.   So procrastination paid off.

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